Diameter : 14 mm /  Lifespan : 1 year / Base Curve : 8.6 / Water Content : 38% / Plano Only (0.00) 

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​Korea & Japan SFX makeup artist voted

​(2014 & 2015



  Storm White       Crimson Red         Nightcrawler        Walking Dead         Gothic White

Stand out from the crowd with these unique design White Contact Lenses. The mesh design in the center of the contact lenses have a clever design that whites out your pupil but still allows you to see. Your vision will be 50% impaired but they are fine for short-term wear such as at a Halloween party. 

Create a shocking look with our Crimson Red Contact Lenses. These amazing contacts has a unique red mesh design at the center (tiny holes) that allows you to see but yet reds out your pupil. These are great and perfect for a futuristic Halloween costume or an attention-grabbing clubbing outfit.


Get a really dramatic look with Gothic White Contact Lenses . These crazy contacts have a bold black and white design sure to get you noticed. The black outer ring looks bold and eye-catching, perfect for Gothic fashion and Halloween.

While color contact lenses is widely used to make people look more beautiful with their desired colored eyes, it can also be used to make one look scary, beat-up, or inhuman. 

Kazzue™ SFX Contact Lenses make it easy to create a freaky look. These high quality SFX lenses come in a choice of styles, from cosplays top pick vibrant colors to Halloween scary design lenses. These contact lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear. With the newly improved hydrogel material to ensure that your eyes stay hydrated and feel fresh all day.

Feel the call of the wild with these bright yellow contact lenses which has a dramatic black detailing outer line. They transform your eyes and are perfect for a werewolf / nightcrawler Halloween costume. These dramatic contact lenses cover any natural eye color and are perfect for cosplayers who are seeking to cosplay any character with bright yellow eyes.

Create a gory look with these Bloodshot Contact Lenses. These contact lenses feature a blood splat around your pupil that looks rather gruesome. They completely cover your natural eye colour, perfect for making a statement.  These scary lenses are ideal for Halloween and can be used for zombie costumes, demonic creatures, vampires or even devil Halloween costumes.